The project has five main Intellectual outputs.

IO1: Training content for young beekeepers (EQF2-3)

As the first intelectual output is planned innovative training content elaborated and prepared for young and not experienced beekeepers or young people who are interested to become a beekeepers in the nearest future.

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IO2: Training content for professional beekeepers (EQF 4-5)

The second intelectual output will be training content elaborated and prepared for professional and well experienced beekeepers.

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IO3: Virtual platform for training courses and game

This third intelectual output will cover all virtual reality related to project. It which will contain both training contents for relevant target groups and thematic game prepared for main goal of the project - connection two generations of beekeepers.

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IO4: Thematic game of beekeeping

The fourth intelectual output will be innovative tool for connecting two generations - young people with professional beekeepers.

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IO5: Handbooks for young beekeepers and professional beekeepers

As a final output there will be elaborated and printed 2 handbooks for young and professional beekeepers.

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